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Wow…PAUL,and the philosophy of “Church”…
Ok the word “Church” comes originally from the Greek word,”Kyriakos-kyriakon”.meaning properly,”belonging to the lord”,in lay man’s terms,property of God,ok that has not justified the organised buildings. Yet?! Somehow later on,another Greek word “Ecclesia”from “ek”meaning “out from” and “kaleo” meaning “to call”.so “Ecclesia” means properly,”people called out”.so in lay man’s terms,”Ecclesia” means “people separated from others”..ok the history of “Ecclesia”
According to the Encyclopedia Britannica,…was the name given to the Governmental assembly of the city of Athens,(like the senate),duly convoked-called out by proper officers,and possessing all political powers including even. Judicial functions..hmnn so firstly,”Ecclesia” is a borrowed word,secondly it usurped,(overthrowed! lol)”kyriakon” which original old English form was “cirice”. So why would the original word be usurped for another?? You guessed right, interferance,wrong translation,manipulation..
Obviously in Greece and early Athens,”Ecclesia” had no resemblance to a Church.An “Ecclesia”was a civil assembly in Athens,even before the writing of the New testament(covenant).
Quoting from the. Oxford universal English Dictionary:Ecclesia-mediavel latin,and Greek,from summoned-a regularly convoked assembly,especially the assembly of Athenians( later the regular word for Church)..thus,two of the most prestigious word resourcesinthe English language confirm,the fact that an “Ecclesia”was originally a select civil body,summoned for a particular purpose,that WAS DEFINATELY NOT “RELIGIOUS”.
So why substitute “ecclesia” for “kyriakon”?to support the regular congregating of early Christians,who didn’t understand what PAUL and SILAS were doing!
What did the New Covenant writers mean when they used the word “Ecclesia” to describe a Christian body of people?? We can safely denote that they intended to convey the original Greek meaning of the word:”A body of Christian called out of Roman and Judean systems of Government,to live under a seperate civil mentality,”a politically autonomous body of Christians,under no other King but Yeshua,under no other civil laws,than that of Yeshua.But some misguided folks misunderstood the missions of PAUL, that was why these Christians ran into trouble with kings and rulers,were arrested,crucified,and martyred. They dropped Caesar as their King,and took up Christ. The writers of the New covenant didn’t substitute “kyriakon” with “Ecclesia” to mean entertainment every Sundays,and Tuesdays,and so on!
Paul and Silas were seen as “turning the World (system) upside down,” Acts 17,sowere they telling the people to go to Church every Weekend? The answer is in Acts17,verse 7, “…and these all(they)do,contrary to the Decrees of Caesar,saying that there is another king,one Jesus..” AHA! Do you see what PAUL and SILAS were doing? They were forming CIVIL bodies that no longer looked to Caesar,as their King,or lived under his dictates..
PAUL and SILAS weren’t “Church. Builders”,like Men of the Cloth claim today?! They were dethroning Rulers in the MINDS and HEARTS of the people,allienating them from the mental hold Caesar had upon them. They were teaching principles of Christians Government,and those whose Hearts responded to the call become Citizens of Christs kingdom,and joined themselves to the “Ecclesia”,or “community of believers”.
When you consider the fact that an “Ecclesia” was a “Civil body politic,this is strong proof that,the Christian Ecclesia we read about. In the Greek manuscripts of the New Testament,were independent Civil Communities or “bodies” of people,independent from Worldly Kings and Governments,ruled by the laws and “theocratic” Government of God’s Spirit. They had freedom to serve Jesus. (Galatians 5).
Please understand,God’s people belonged to him,giving rise to the word,”kyriakon”,but as they were encouraged to LIVE only under the dictates of Jesus,they were now an “Ecclesia”,the mere fact that they were encouraged to sit together in their houses,did not mean,a transmutation into the organised celebrations we desire everyweekend now! God’s people are meant to. LIVE by the Ecclesia pattern,”together in communities”,holding all thingd common,under the Government of God through his annointed “Elders”,.how and why it became the circus it is now,well can be ascribed to selfishness,overzealousness,pettiness,misunderstanding,misrepresentation…Hon Patrick how an I doing?? lol
To be the ideal model of “Ecclesia”,we Christians must form ourselves into actual communities,albeit in this times only mentally,under the guidance of God’s annointed leader Jesus. Called out and seperated in mentality(Kyriakos)from the World’s ways,with no other than Jesus as our ruler and King! In other words “Ecclesias”
Now lastly,Paul was teaching principles of Christian Ecclesia to them in the first century,but why the people ran into problems with powers of the day,was because Paul himself did not convey the meaning of the “Ecclesia” he was teaching in line with Jesus convenant! Now we know that the New Jesus covenant is about,taking all physical manifestations. Into spiritual. Operations…if you teach. People to. Physically leave in rebelous ways to powers That be! What do you think would happen?? That’s right,Persecution,that’s. Why Jesus covenant(agreement) was purely “spiritual”,of the mind and heart (Hebrews).So the people didn’t fully understand Pauls “Ecclesia”,as they didn’t. Understand Jesus’ covenant,that the new Ecclesia as kyriakos,was purely “spiritual”,remember when Jesus was shown a coin? He said”give to Caesar,what is Caesar’s,give to God,what is God’sl meaning,in your flesh,obey the laws of the land,in your spirit,obey God,because by implication,when the full manifestation of the Kingdom(heaven to you!) Comes,then they (all of us too) would live by only the laws of God! Savvy??
So the people were taught,but lived out in reality the supposed spiritual dictates of Ecclesia,who is to blame?? Mum is the word..
That’s why they. Got into all manners of trouble with the Kings and Caesar,and that’s why we are in situation today,weekend jollification, misunderstanding,mistranslation,illiteracy,shear human deviousness, Paul. Didn’t teach us to jubilate every weekend,but to live in our Hearts and Minds under God’s law,until the full manifestation of the Kingdom…rejoinders are wellcome! Thank you for stopping over!…

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